BPS will ensure your company stays compliant!

This is a picture of a folded newspaper titled "The Daily News" with the article title alluding to compliance entitled "New Regulations Take Effect!"

Benefits Planning Service assists each of its clients with timely compliance. To say the landscape of “employee benefits” is constantly changing would be an understatement. There are new plans, new terms, new conditions, and new legislation continually being introduced, which all require on-going compliance considerations.

Here’s how BPS helps your company stay compliant:

– We provide access to up-to-date information via a password protected online portal, which is an excellent resource for both employee benefit and human resource issues.

– A Senior Partner is always available to respond to, or research, any compliance or benefit plan question.

– As new compliance requirements emerge, you will receive an email with in-depth information about the new requirement(s).

– We do on-going compliance checks for each of our clients.


Contact Benefits Planning Service today for assistance on fully insured and self-funded plans as well as ACA compliance issues. We are here to serve you.