Attention Employers: Open Enrollment is Underway!

Open enrollment for health benefits is underway for many companies and it will continue through the end of the year. And while this is a key time for employees as they enroll in benefits that will protect their health, their finances, and keep their families secure for the coming year, it is also a crucial opportunity for employers to positively position themselves with top talent. Increasingly, employers are using their benefits package as a tool and differentiator for talent acquisition and retention.

Consider a recent MetLife survey that explores what the insurer describes as a “new age of benefits”. The survey found that:

* 61 percent of employees say they are more likely to accept a job that offers health and well-being benefits

* 59 percent say health benefits would make them more loyal

* 51 percent say they are more likely to accept an offer that comes with financial benefits

* 53 percent say they would be more loyal to a job that has benefits that help them get their finances in order

Benefits Planning Service can help you develop a strategic benefits package that works for your budget and offers attractive options to your employees. We can also give you access to educational materials for your employees as you launch your new or improved benefits package. Contact us today at (800) 916- 2012.